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So, I have this Orcish Warlock in WoW. This is not a description of her stats, gear, or talent tree. This is instead her history.

This is her story. )
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I've been somewhat at a loss as to what I should be posting. I have this vague urge to update, so that folks know what's going in my life and all that. And then I realize that right now, we're at that last little stage of settling into the apartment. There's just one corner of stuff left that needs to get looked through, we've sorted out a cleaning schedule (of sorts, we seem more to have slid into one than hashed one out), [ profile] warinbear goes to work in the afternoons, [ profile] louisadkins and I will start going through his comics collection tomorrow, we play WoW together . . .

Life has settled down. I want a house someday, once we've got the money saved up for it. I'm working on getting Sadie trained the rest of the way, and not feeling particularly charitable to whomever first trained her. (Housebroken: Hell, yes. Trained to heel: Hell, no. Terrified of men with long sleeves and ball caps: Fucking hell yes. If I ever get my hands on the bastard, there's going to be a lot of yelling involved. Possibly a rolled-up newspaper.)

I have my own computer and desk, now. Tax return this year went to it when we realized that, in order to avoid potential for conflict, we were going to need to have one computer per person. And all three of them needed to have WoW on them. We've been spending time together playing WoW mostly. We're part of a guild on one server, and formed one on another. Bloodstrike Clan of Akama says: "Eat more chicken!" Starcrest is the guild that we created on Smolderthorn, mostly for the purpose of not being constantly invited to such guilds as, "LEETHAKKORZ" or "TwinksRUs". I want to let Starcrest expand at it's own pace, and get known for showing up whenever someone's having problems with high-levels ganking lowbies. The basic idea will be that we're laid-back and not high-commitment. We're there to help, both guildmates and other folks.

Huh. Pretty much described both guilds, right there. I've been creating characters on RP servers, and I'm finding that I very much enjoy the atmosphere. I'm not going to give up my characters on the PvP servers, but I'm not going to create any new characers on them, either. I think my favourite RP character is currently the Troll hunter. Such a very relaxed and laid-back take on life, and I love 'speaking' in a Carribiean accent.

It ocurs to me that most of my update content is likely to be WoW related for a while. The game world has been designed so well that it really feels like exploring another world. I could easily role-play any of the character that I've created, because the world that they've been created in is so alive.

It is also most of what I've been doing of late. Well, that and reading. And spending time with my guys.

Or little snapsshots of life. Like the fact that Stavan is up on his hind legs, fore legs planted on the arm of Louis's computer chair, meowing his squeaky meow. He's headbutting Louis's left hand and arm. In another few seconds, Louis will reach down and pet and rub and skritch, and Stavan will go into an frenzy of purring and twining and rubbing. They've developed this little ritual over the past month or so, just like Sadie has taken to curling up in the footspace under my desk. Every so often, she'll reach up with her paw and pull my foot down to lick and rub her head against.

-happysigh- Must update more often. It's nice to dwell on those little snapshots, the little moments of peace and joy. It's good for me, too.


Mar. 28th, 2006 07:09 pm
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So, last night Louis and I ran into a group that was looking to run the Deadmines. Louis has a 20 human rogue, I have a 20 human priest. Side-note: I want to run this instance again, frequently. I made 21 in there, from the first bar of 20. I also went through 3 staves. And got a Corsiar's Overshirt. I've never seen so many green and blue items drop so fast.

There is a Night Elf warrior whose full name I cannot remember at the moment. She was being the main tank for the group. She was also being a certified bitch. To give you an idea, she helped me come up with some basic rules for being in an instance with a priest.

1. If the priest cannot see you, the priest cannot heal you. Direct line of sight is needed.
2. If you are out of range, the priest cannot heal you.
3. If you cannot hold your aggro, the priest will rapidly be dead, and so will you, because:
4. The priest has a very hard time healing when she has no fewer than 6 mobs on her.
5. Especially when the tank has failed to kill the stupid goblin that keeps running and getting help.
6. This is just a game, and yelling at the priest in tell (so the rest of the party can't see it) does not give me a high opinion of your maturity.
7. If a priest is specced in healing, it's a bit much to be annoyed because the priest isn't throwing shadow magic around. Especially when the Flash Heal she threw on your butt hauled you from almost dead to almost full hit points. Her full Heal, BTW, can move the health bar of a 44 warrior by about a third of the way. When I said I was a healer priest, I meant it.
8. Slow down. Yes, I know about your rage bar having a limited duration. When the only healer in the group has announced that she is out of mana, it is time to hold up for a little bit.
9. Repeat: This is just a game. Getting bitchy at me over dying a grand total of 2 times when you aggroed the whole bloody place on your ass makes me speculate on your age in a most unfavourable fashion.

Louis wound up reminding her that, when she died, I had 6 mobs on me that he, the other warrior, the hunter, and the hunter's pet couldn't peel off of my ass. I had 2 shields collapse almost as soon as I popped them, used a potion, Desperate Prayer, and still couldn't get to the main tank in time to heal her. We were, BTW, past Mr. Smite by this point. 2nd level of the ship.

This while I was trying to give her time to build up her aggro so that I wouldn't peel mobs by healing her. I was waiting until she started flashing red before I healed her, and still had things peeling to come after me. She was yelling at me that it was my fault, and that I had to keep her alive, and coming this close to accusing me of choosing not heal her. As opposed to being so badly ganged up on that I was almost unable to cast spells. She was also yelling at the party because she was convinced that someone else had brought the extra mobs in.

She left the party shortly after Louis told her to lay off. The rest of the party, FTR, was more than a little shocked that it would even cross someone's mind to chew out the healer for not being able to get to them in time. Then again, unlike her, they had a very good look at exactly what I was having to deal with. Party leader remembered the afore-mentioned 44 warrior, and threw him an invite. This was how I learned that I could heal 1/3 the health bar of a 44 warrior. At 21 level. The instance became much more enjoyable after that.

I definetly want to run through there again. Good drops, good cash flow, obscenely good cloth drops. And Louis really wants the full Defias set. I just don't ever want to group with that woman again, ever.
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Yanaba is now level 14. She has trekked across the plains of her youth, and left the valley where she began her training. She is perfecting the art of sneaking up to a high-level corpse so as to skin it, while at the same time keeping an eye out for the other creatures of the plains. She has learned that yes, Ornery Plainstriders really are ornery. And then some. She and her lifemate, the hunter Gorag, have discovered that, together (especially with Daywalker, the Savannah Huntress that Gorag tamed) they can bring down foes much stronger than them. They did not appreciate learning this lesson by having three different things appear out of nowhere next to them while they were already engaged in a fight, but they managed to survive the experience. It has been decided that the Lushwater Oasis, contrary to its name, would not make a good honeymooning spot.

Stay tuned for further reports from the world of Azeroth. Next time, we will cover how Kylara, the human paladin, discovered the meaning of the phrase "elite monster".


Feb. 4th, 2006 03:48 pm
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The slurping noise you hear would be World of Warcrack claiming another gamer.

Yanaba, currrently a 3rd level Tauren Shaman, lives out on the Akama server. I am seriously loving on the shaman abilities.

Am now in the process of hooking Louis through the guest pass.
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What's been going on, let's see . . . I turned 24 last week, on Sept. 8. Bear-Cub baked a surprise carrot cake for me on the day. Not that she knew it at the time, but carrot cake was my absolutely most favourite kind of cake when I was about her age. So, happy bouncy Omimouse. [ profile] warinbear did something nasty to his back on Thurday night, and wound up going to see a doctor about it on Friday. We had the actual party for my birthday on Saturday. Tacos, cake, and ice cream. I worked on Warin's back for almost three hours straight that evening. It seems to have helped a lot; his pain levels were considerably lower on Sunday. [ profile] catchild spent most of Saturday volunteering at the local Red Cross office.

We spent most of Sunday gaming. Good game, overall. I like playing an archer who is capable of hitting targets that are most of a mile away from her. Her bow is damn near bigger than she is, but it's a good bow. It's also enchanted, hence the phenomanal range.

Warin was feeling much better by today. We handled various and sundry housework stuff, and met the kids at the bus stop. Then Catchild checked her e-mail. She wound up using my computer, I think because hers was running something that meant no using it until it was done. When an incrediby angry looking Catchild poked her head out my bedroom door a few minutes later, I knew there was a problem.

Kathy (Warin's mom) contacted the school. She was looking for info about Bear-Cub's teachers, what classes she was in, when the school had open houses and PTA meetings, and so on and so forth. This after she had been told she was to have no contact with the girls. Period.

We'll be talking with the school about what we're going to do about this.


Jul. 14th, 2005 03:53 pm
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And now I am playing my way through Fallout 2. I had forgotten about the boxes and boxes of water-chips in the Vault at Vault City. Talk about a head-desk moment.

This time through, I am playing by the motto of "If it's not nailed down, it's mine. If I can pry it up, it's not nailed down. Being in somebody else's pocket/backpack doesn't count as nailed down either. Being behind several locked doors that had to be repaired to even be lockpicked (with an electronic lockpick) and under guard by a rocket-launching robot just counts as difficult to claim, not nailed down."

I have a hunting rifle, as the ammo for the assault rifle was next to impossible to find for long enough to get really uncomfortable. I also have MarkII Leather Armor.

Now, there was supposed to be a way to get into the various Brotherhood Outposts? I think I remember how to get into Navarro; I just have to find the place again first. Speech is a lovely skill to have tagged, oh yes it is.
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The kids went off to camp yesterday. We go pick them up on Friday.

The silence in the house may very well drive me mad before then. True parenthood is not colic, school, laundry, PTA, or stepping on a toy at three in the morning. True parenthood is when you realize that you're on edge because you haven't heard a single argument all day. It is when you consider getting a tape made of your children fighting so that when they are away for longer than a school day, you don't go bat-shit crazy.

Thankfully, Phooka is still here and seems to be enjoying the chance to have us all to herself for a while. That or she's enjoying not having to fight the older girls for her toys. Still not sure on that one.

She's learning more and more each day, at one helluva pace. Her language skills are getting better on a daily basis, and she is finally starting to figure out cause and effect. As in: If I haul this cat around by the ears/tail/paws/belly fur, said cat will claw me until I let go. For their part, the cats are moving her from the 'kitten' to 'juvenile' category.

Topic shift to Games:
In between massive planning for my game this weekend, I've been playing Fallout on the computer. I have oficially decided that the 'rifle' category ranks as having the best weapons evah. It is absolutely wonderful to sneak into an area, go into combat mode, and be halfway across the screen from the things you're shooting at. While pulling off accurate called shots to the eyes. I do think that the AI is a bit on the slow side. Sure, I sneak good and all that, but when the flesh of the guard next to you melts off of his bones, which then collapse in a little pile on the floor (I love the effects of a critical with a plasma rifle), wouldn't you be just a bit suspicious? Just a bit? Just standing there doing nothing is somewhat idiotic, is all I'm saying. Especially when the green bolt from the plasma rifle goes right past one guard's face to hit the guy in front of him. Into this category also fall the idiots who use rocket launchers at point blank range. Or who use a burst weapon or flamer on you when one of their buddies is in the way, killing their buudy and leaving you mostly unscathed.

Then again, it may be that they owed said buddy a larege sum of cash, on account of being too stupid to know when to leave the poker table.
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[ profile] louisadkins has been home from work for the past week. Work has gotten impossible for him, to the point that it's been affecting him physically. Headaches, back knotting to the point that driving was bad, nausea, etc, etc. He is currently seeking new employment.

He has also been helping with what he has named 'God's List' around the house. God's List is the huge list of stuff that needs to get done around the house that we haven't had the time or energy to get to. With an extra person home, we can. The side hallway has been cleared, the sunroom and laundry room have been cleared and organized, the kitchen no longer has piles of stuff waiting to go out to the watershed, we have confimed the existence of the kitchen table, Phooka's toys have been seriously weeded, and my room is no longer an obstacle course.

The local Goodwill now also knows the van on sight.

My room still needs more done with it, the kitchen needs to be better organized, and [ profile] catchild's bedroom and bathroom still need work. And we need to set several pack-rat traps. When something has sat unused and in the way for a year, it's time to get rid of it.

My shoulder/neck area on the left side still hurts whenever I do anything that pulls on it. This has not been helping my mood any. I am doing my damndest to not give in to a case of the "Ah, fuckit"s, and just use the arm like there's nothing wrong with it, as that would make it worse.

So, being in a grumpy mood and being irritable at my family for all having two functional arms, drat their hides, I am of course plotting out stuff for the game I'm going to be running. The previous one sort of crumbled because I got seriously lost. I think I've ironed that problem out for this one. Setting is the Diablo II world and storyline. See also: A world that I know by heart 'cause I've been all bloody over, under, around, and through it.

We'll see if I've learned any from the last game. First lesson: Learn when to say no, and don't be afraid to say no when it really needs to be said.
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So, this past Sunday [ profile] warinbear ran his d20 game.

I want to thank you, love. Here I was, somewhat worried that being an exalted, spellfire-wielding, seriously multi-classed character might be power-gaming. I know that [ profile] ebonunicorn was somewhat worried that you considered his character to be unbalancing. That whole thing about him being a seriously heavy fighter who can drop most things within a few rounds, I think.

3 huge scorpions, 3 phase spiders, 1 shadow spider, 3 spider-leg horrors, and 4 drider later, I don't feel worried anymore. The underground trip we're making is supposed to be 5 days there, 5 days back. We got one day in and ran into the scoropins, followed literally instantly by the phase spiders. We rested for a day, and then continued. We got about 900 feet past where we'd been resting when we ran into the shadow spider. It fled within two rounds. 100 feet past that, and we ran into the horrors and the drider, who had apparantly set up an ambush site. One very close-call combat later, and we needed to rest for another full day again.

The normal going rate for the water from the underground spring that we're going to is about 5 gold per waterskin. We are currently looking at charging anywhere from 25 to 50 per at this point. Now we know why this water is so hard to come by, and why those stupid dwarven craftsmen wouldn't come get it themselves, even though the spring is five days directly under their freakin' town.

Maybe we can get some positive PR with the dwarves when we let them know that the trail has been rather heavily cleaned out.


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