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Gayles was one of five students denied diplomas from the lone public high school in Galesburg after enthusiastic friends or family members cheered for them during commencement.

Gyah. Do they just not see how incredbily moronic it is to punish the graduating student for someone else's behaviour? Oh yeah, you can get your diploma back, if you win the appeals process or if you complete eight hours of community service. Never mind that you've already worked your ass off to earn the damned thing.

Good gods, if it's that much of a problem, have the folks causing the disruption removed from the damned place. Not, y'know, the kid who's stuck hoping that no one dislikes them enough to make a lot of noise, or that their family (who won't be personally suffering any reprecussions) will actually listen to them and be quiet.

Stupid people. Stupid people, breathing my air.
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So, you're a parent, right? Even if you're not, please, for the sake of this excercise pretend. You've got kids, and you want to make sure that they're set up later in life. So you set up IRAs for them, in their names. You put money in them, and so on and so forth.

Later on, when one of the kids is all grown up and been having some problems paying off a debt to you, you offer the IRA he has as a way of paying off the debt. He says no thanks, but I would really like the info on the IRA for my financial paperwork. A week or two later, he e-mails you again, saying that he needs the information for his finacial paperwork.

A week after that (still no response whatsoever) he calls one of you at work, re-stating that he needs the information. Information on an IRA that is in his name. What, as a parent, is your response?

For example, is it, "Why do you want to know?", with a strong dash of, "We won't give you the information until you tell us why you want it."

This is not making me happy. They have already put Warin and Catchild both in not-so-good graces with one of the finacial aid departments in Alabama because they didn't give him information on something financial with his name on it. Like, say, a savings account with a large sum of money in it. They applied, and, not knowing about the account, didn't list it. Alabama's response was not happy, and they pointed out that Warin and Catchild hadn't listed this account as one of their resources. I think that the two of them stil can't apply for any kind of financial aid from the state of Alalbama because of that debacle.

There is no excuse for this. This is playing games of control with money that has Warin' name on it. No matter what they think of how he lives his life or spends his money, this IRA is in his name. Common bloody courtesy would dictate that they give him the information on it, without playing stupid little petty ass games.

Anyone know of any legal recourse we can take if they decide to be total jackasses about this? Better yet, do any of the folks related to Kathy know where they have their IRAs through so we can contact the financial institution directly?


Mar. 28th, 2006 07:09 pm
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So, last night Louis and I ran into a group that was looking to run the Deadmines. Louis has a 20 human rogue, I have a 20 human priest. Side-note: I want to run this instance again, frequently. I made 21 in there, from the first bar of 20. I also went through 3 staves. And got a Corsiar's Overshirt. I've never seen so many green and blue items drop so fast.

There is a Night Elf warrior whose full name I cannot remember at the moment. She was being the main tank for the group. She was also being a certified bitch. To give you an idea, she helped me come up with some basic rules for being in an instance with a priest.

1. If the priest cannot see you, the priest cannot heal you. Direct line of sight is needed.
2. If you are out of range, the priest cannot heal you.
3. If you cannot hold your aggro, the priest will rapidly be dead, and so will you, because:
4. The priest has a very hard time healing when she has no fewer than 6 mobs on her.
5. Especially when the tank has failed to kill the stupid goblin that keeps running and getting help.
6. This is just a game, and yelling at the priest in tell (so the rest of the party can't see it) does not give me a high opinion of your maturity.
7. If a priest is specced in healing, it's a bit much to be annoyed because the priest isn't throwing shadow magic around. Especially when the Flash Heal she threw on your butt hauled you from almost dead to almost full hit points. Her full Heal, BTW, can move the health bar of a 44 warrior by about a third of the way. When I said I was a healer priest, I meant it.
8. Slow down. Yes, I know about your rage bar having a limited duration. When the only healer in the group has announced that she is out of mana, it is time to hold up for a little bit.
9. Repeat: This is just a game. Getting bitchy at me over dying a grand total of 2 times when you aggroed the whole bloody place on your ass makes me speculate on your age in a most unfavourable fashion.

Louis wound up reminding her that, when she died, I had 6 mobs on me that he, the other warrior, the hunter, and the hunter's pet couldn't peel off of my ass. I had 2 shields collapse almost as soon as I popped them, used a potion, Desperate Prayer, and still couldn't get to the main tank in time to heal her. We were, BTW, past Mr. Smite by this point. 2nd level of the ship.

This while I was trying to give her time to build up her aggro so that I wouldn't peel mobs by healing her. I was waiting until she started flashing red before I healed her, and still had things peeling to come after me. She was yelling at me that it was my fault, and that I had to keep her alive, and coming this close to accusing me of choosing not heal her. As opposed to being so badly ganged up on that I was almost unable to cast spells. She was also yelling at the party because she was convinced that someone else had brought the extra mobs in.

She left the party shortly after Louis told her to lay off. The rest of the party, FTR, was more than a little shocked that it would even cross someone's mind to chew out the healer for not being able to get to them in time. Then again, unlike her, they had a very good look at exactly what I was having to deal with. Party leader remembered the afore-mentioned 44 warrior, and threw him an invite. This was how I learned that I could heal 1/3 the health bar of a 44 warrior. At 21 level. The instance became much more enjoyable after that.

I definetly want to run through there again. Good drops, good cash flow, obscenely good cloth drops. And Louis really wants the full Defias set. I just don't ever want to group with that woman again, ever.


Jan. 26th, 2006 03:21 pm
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Abortion should be safe and legal. Comprehensive sex ed should be a mandatory part of public school.

I have been afraid that I was pregnant before. I wasn't using anything at the time, because I only had one partner at that point, and Warin was snipped. Turns out I was a month late because of the amount of stress my body was under.

I have been certain that I was pregnant once. Louis and I were using condoms, because I wasn't sure if we could afford birth control pills for me. The condom didn't break; it unrolled and plastered itself against my cervix, inside out. Happened on Monday; I was on birth control by Sunday, waiting for my period be damned. You're not supposed to be able to tell after only a week. I was pregnant, and I know it; I felt it. Ludicrous fertility runs in my family. I choose to go on the pill, so that I (hopefully) wouldn't have to make a more painful choice a month or so later, and so that I wouldn't have to go through that again.

Because the part that hurt so much both times was the fact that I want a child. I want one very badly. Both times, we simply did not have the resources for another child, and I knew that. It would have been irresponsible in the extreme to have kept a pregnancy, hence the reason I was doing my best to avoid it both times.

I still don't know what my choice would have been, not really. The point is, it would have been my choice. Mine, and my husbands', since they would have been involved with the consequences of that choice. Our choice. No one else's.

No one else has the right to make that choice for us. No one. If you do not agree; if you think abortion should not be legal, then there is the door.

And then she heads for the clinic and/She gets some static walking through the door/They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner/And they call her a whore/God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes/'Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to choose


Jan. 12th, 2006 01:50 am
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Well, that was probably not the best of ideas, but I did it anyway.

I just got involved in a debate on racism. I tried to not get involved, because long experience in the US has taught me that if you're white, you're not allowed to have an opinion on stuff like this. Not usually, anyway. Exceptions, as always, exist.

Y'know, there are days where I wish that there were these massive sprinkler systems everywhere. They would spray a thick layer of paint, random colour selections. You wouldn't be able to tell what colour anyone was. And if the paint was thick enough, you wouldn't be able to tell gender. No pre-concieved notions, you'd just have to go on how they treated you, what kind of person they were. Or I wish everyone was blind.

Some days, I just wish for the sun to go nova, before we spread the disease of hatred beyond our solar system.

Do folks have any idea how it sounds to be told that you can hide your sexuality, so that doesn't count? Or have they just never really been in love with someone of the same gender?

And here I thought it was just the neo-Cons and Dominionist Christians that hated me sight unseen for things that I cannot really control.
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So, over the weekend, [ profile] warinbear's mom (K) e-mails Bear-Cub. K tells Bear-Cub that the Huntsville Public Library will be having a birthday party for Harry Potter on Monday (today) and that she thought that Bear-Cub and her sister would be interested. Oh, and if no one else could drive, she could play driver for them.

We decided to go ahead and go. Let the kids spend some time with their Nana, let me spend some time with some very good friends. I practically grew up in that library. I was a volunteer and an employee there. I have friends there that remember me from when I was 7 years old. Therefore, I was perfectly fine with being around K there. My turf, y'see. Well, as fine with being around her as I was ever going to be. We drove ourselves, taking 2 cars so that [ profile] louisadkins could go with me, [ profile] catchild and all three girls.

Meeting old friends (library itself included in that category) was wonderful, the event was fun, all three girls had a blast. Phooka was in heaven in the toddler section. Catchild got to say hi to folks that she had met through me a few years ago, and I got to introduce Louis to old friends of mine.

Fast-forward about an hour and a half, to 5:30 in the evening. Catchild and I were needing food rather badly at that point. Louis goes in search of the two older girls. He found them with K. He told them that we needed to leave to get food, and that we needed to leave now. K was getting out pictures to show them at the same time that he was saying this. She said that she could just show them to the girls real quick first. Kids ignored Louis and dove into the pictures. Self-satisfied smile from K that the girls missed. Louis repeated himself on the needing to leave now angle four more times. He was ignored by both girls and by K. Fourth time, he informed the girls that if they did not move, they were going directly to bed upon our arrival at home.

Bear-Cub and Puppy moved. Bear-Cub was highly upset with having to go, and not happy about having a potential punishment tossed at her. Louis was (and still is) understandably upset about being ignored by both children and adult. Especially since Bear-Cub and K both know that Catchild is hypoglycemic. Bear-Cub also knows very well what happens when either of her mommies don't get food when they need to.

K was very obvious in comforting (and in my opinion, egging on) the upset Bear-Cub.

Okay. In review, that might seem like a small thing to be furious with a grandparent over. To review: K deliberately undermined Louis's authority with the girls. By example, she showed them that it was okay to ignore him. She then demonstrated to the girls that she felt that they shouldn't have gotten into any kind of trouble over it. She has done this to me, to [ profile] ebonunicorn(Drkn), and to Catchild. I do not know if she has done it to Warin. I do know that both myself and Drkn usually catch most of it.

If past experience is any indication, the older girls will most likely ignore both myself and Louis for about a week or so.

I was furious and damn near hysterical with hurt and anger when we got home. I am now feeling very cold. K has finally crossed a line in my mind, and she has finally pushed to far.

My official parental vote on anything involving K is that the kids should not have contact with her. At all. Period. She refuses to stop undermining our parental authority with the girls. By doing so, she is teaching them by example that they do not have to listen to us or take us seriously. She is toxic, and it is my opinion that if we don't really trust her to be alone with the girls in the first place, why in the name of Hell are we letting her anywhere near our daughters at all? Yes, cutting her out of their lives now would hurt, but I think it's time we were actually honest with our children instead of hoping that K won't do something that'll screw them up for life.

Oh, wait. It's already to late on that front, isn't it? I say tell them the truth, hold them, hug them, remind them that we love them and that this is not their fault. Tell them all the things that we haven't been telling them about their Nana. And then get her the fuck out of their lives before she destroys them while we're waiting for her to do something 'obvious'.

My stance on this is no longer open to debate.

P.S. Catchild, I am not angry with you, this is not your fault, and I still love you very much, as I likely always will. While I am addressing several of your points, I am not upset with you. Okay?
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And now, the other update.

If I ever manage to get my hands on amy of the poly folks that call the rest of us 'bitter', 'negative', or 'pesimistic', I'm going to have a long conversation with them that will involve my Club O'Real Life +4 vs People Who Blow Sunshine Up Their Ass.
This got long. If you believe in twu wuv, that being married means never having to say you're sorry, and that if you love each other enough, you'll never fight, then you probably don't want to read this. It might be a good idea anyway, though. )


Jul. 5th, 2005 08:36 pm
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I have a new pair of sandals. They fit.

It took me a year to find this pair of sandals. A whole godsbedamned year.

Here follows my tale of conquest at a Wal-Mart in Huntsville:
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My Opa and Oma lived through WWII. Opa spent most of the war in a slave labour camp. He talked about standing outside when the Allies flew bombing runs, cheering them along with the other prisoners. They tried to get the bombers' attention, because they were making the pipes that were being used to pipe oil to the Eastern front. Important target, y'see. Please bomb here. That, and the other option was the bomb shelter, where the SS was hiding.

Opa made his way home after the Allies got to his camp. Allied soldiers clothed him, fed him, and got him the bike that made getting home easier. Being shaved and rail thin marked him as a camp survivor on sight, and they helped him any way they could.

I Remember. For his sake, and for mine. I honour the dead, and pull my family closer to me. I honour the living who serve my country, and cry in helpless rage at the outrage of how they are being betrayed by the government that is supposed to be taking care of them.

They serve us. They have sworn to give their lives if need be for us, and we have forgotten the other side of that pledge. Not to give those lives needlessly.
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Reading Chick Tracts can be amusing. Reading the articles on D&D that they have up on the site however . . .

It's sad when I'm a better Christian than most people who call themselves Christian are. It really is. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick, shelter the needy. It's even sadder when the character that I'm going to be playing this weekend is a better Christian than most.

Y'know, the cleric of sun, moon, and stars that loves without condition, heals, comforts, tithes to churches that aid the needy, forgives, and who spends much more time practicing her beliefs than preaching them.

But, in the popular 'Christian' worldview she also pays homage to more than one god, has a female lover, and is a sorcerer in addition to being a cleric. In the popular 'Christian' worldview, I am pagan, bisexual, and have two husbands.

-sigh- My polypantheistic D&D cleric3/sorcerer4/mystic wanderer2 should not be a better Christian than the outspoken majority of Christianity. Okay? The fact that she is means that there's a real problem here, folks.
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. . . seems to have minorly exploded in a debate regarding stuff on [ profile] childfree.

Now, let me make my stance clear right from the start:

Your reproductive rights are yours, and yours alone. Don't want kids? Your choice entirely. Want kids? Again, your choice.

You do not have the right to ram your choice down everyone else's throat. If you want kids, you have no right to try to bully or guilt-trip those around you into having children. Not everyone wants kids, and you know what? That's perfectly all right! Parenting has considerable cons as well as pros, and for a decent number of people, the pros simply do not outweigh the cons. Parenting means taking on a considerable responsibility, namely careing for and teaching another human being. You are in for a lot of work, most of it very messy, either emotionally or physically. Free time evaporates, as do finances.

If you don't want kids, you have no right to expect those around you to simply cease childbearing and rearing. It doesn't work that way. Babies cry. Children throw temper tantrums. Children are not pets; one cannot simply 'leave them in the car' while the parents do their shopping. Baby-sitters cost money, as do day-care centers. Yes, it's true, a lot of parents are lousy at handeling their kids in a public place, or indeed, at handeling them at all.

Public places are, however, just that: public. If you are so rabidly childfree that you don't want anyone under the age of 14 within a few feet of you, then may I kindly inform you that the rest of us have lives as well, and that you learn to deal with the fact that children have rights as well, and that you're giving the rest of the childfree community an exceedingly bad name.

And, unless some hapless moron makes the mistake of calling me a 'breeder' or a 'moo', I think that's all I really have to say on this topic. Feel free to ask me questions. They are much preferred to assumptions.


Nov. 29th, 2003 10:04 pm
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I don't get it. I honestly don't. What is honestly the problem with gay or poly marriage? Is it hurting somebody? Is it leaving bodies in the streets? Are orgies writhing their way through the mall and schools?

Here is the question: Why should gay and/or poly marriage not be legal? Do not refer to any religious texts in your answer. We are not a theocracy. You do not have the right to ram your religion down my throat. We are not the Taliban of the West, are we? Because if we are, then I'm going to the Netherlands and seeking political asylum.

I'm tired of reading the news and seeing the far right scream and wail about values and morals. I'm tired of being denied equal rights in my own country. I'm tired of watching hatred and fear dictate law. I'm tired of not feeling welcome in my own country. I'm tired, and I don't even understand why they hate us so much, why they want to deny us the right to marry, because It. Does. Not. Make. Any. Sense.

I'm not even angry. I'm alternating between pain and grief, and nothing. I feel so cold.

I'm going to go play Civ 3 for a while. Building things always helps me feel better.
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Warin and I have been talking 'bout various and sundry stuff lately, and I've been hearing stuff from his brother, too. What I am hearing and my thought process in response to it leads me to but one conclusion:

I hate their mother.

Not dislike, or can't stand, or find annoying, or anything like that. No, I mean hate, as in, I truly hate only two people, and she is one of them.

I try very hard not to waste energy on hatred, but it does creep up on me. The fact that I love Warin with damn near every shred of feeling I have, and that I consider his brother to be a brother of my heart probably has something to do with my feelings towards their mother. Well, that and the fact that she left gaping emotional wounds on both of them. That probably has something to do with it too.

I just don't get it. I look at the two of them and see such wonderful men. They're loving, caring, have great senses of humour, are both incredibly intelligent, they *listen*, they help, they . . . They are Good People, and I just don't understand why their mother is so disapointed in them.

I see two men who have such beautiful souls, and then I see the damage that was done to them, and it makes me weep for what was taken from them. I work on helping Warin heal (something needs to be done so that his brother can move down here so that I can start helping *him*) and I push my rage and hatred down, because it will not help him. The few times that he's seen it, it (thankfully) did more good than harm. "You're *this* angry on *my* behalf?"

I don't really like hating someone, but I don't really know how to make it go away, either.


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