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So, [ profile] louisadkins and I headed out to do some grocery shopping. While Louis was pulling into a parking space, I noticed this little cat rubbing up against a lady that was putting her groceries away. So, when we got out of the car, I headed over to say hi.

Oh, my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Absolutely *gorgous* little lithe black shorthair. Couldn't have been out on the street more than a day or so at most. And affectionate. I knelt down to say hi, and had a little black purring burr within seconds. I tried turning her to get a better look, and she was on my shoulder and rubbing all over me before I quite knew what was happening.

When she started licking my chin and headbutting me, I felt little claws dig into my heart and hold.

Louis smiled when I asked if we could please go back home with her. So, back into the car we got, me with a little black lady in my lap. She was calm the whole trip, and purred and kneaded my shoulders and nibbled and licked my chin and put both her paws around my neck and nuzzled into me.
[ profile] warinbear was bemused, I think, when he turned around and saw me come in with an arm ful of little black cat. I showed her the litterbox, food, and water, and then explained to Warin while I got a flea collar on her.

She's obviously not feral, and her coat is in good condition. She seems to have a bit of a cold, but she's got meat on her bones and doesn't appear to be unhealthy, or even have all that many fleas. I made sure of her gender, and she's prettty clearly female. Not even the vestiges that are left when a tom is neutered. She's such a small thing, too. She's smaller than Drake is, for those of you that have met our cats.

She's just such a gorgeous and friendly little darling that we can't think of a reason why someone would have dumped her. The parking lot was too far away from residences for her to be someone's pet, and she was just a little too frantic for human attention. That, and that parking lot seems to be a favourite place to dump unwanted animals.

We're taking her to the vet on Monday. Worst case scenario (may this remain the worse case scenario) at this point is that we'll have to find her a new home. Louis and I very much want to keep her, though. She feels like she belongs. Warin said to give him more time to think about it, and we have to check with the apartment manager. Thankfully, the manager for this complex has a cat or two of her own, so I'm hoping she'll understand.

But she's not out on the street anymore, and I'm gonna make sure that she's taken care of from now on. Pictures later, if we can get 'em.
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I looked up at the calender today, and stopped to think. I moved in January of 2001. Ebon's been living with Warin and Catchild since 2000, and he's been in a relationship with Catchild for about six years now. I've been here for almost three years now.

We've lived together, bought furniture, vehicles, land, and houses, together, raised and are raising children together, gone to restraunts, movies, and grocery stores together, packed and unpacked together, built things together, gamed together, cleaned the house together, cooked together . . .

It feels like I've been here all my life, when it's really been not quite three years. It's a day late, but I'm thankful for this. I'm thankful for my family.

I'm still scared at times. I'm not terrified anymore, though. And I finally can see how strong we actually are as a family, and I can see how small the chances are that we're going to fall apart. The control freak is finally fading.

There's a line from a Sandman comic that springs to mind right about now: "Sometimes you fall. And yes, sometimes you die. But sometimes you fly."

I'm flying.


Nov. 6th, 2003 12:36 am
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Fair warning folks, this one's fairly long and personal.

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