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This reads as somewhat stilted to me, but it was the best I could manage. Religious stuff is not usually all that easy for me to put into words.

I believe in Deity. I perceive It as a Mother.

That's the simple part out of the way. The complicated part is how this belief braids with my life; what this means to me, I suppose.

It means that I am loved by at least one being. Completely and utterly. Always. It means that I will never truly be alone, unless I wish to be. That right there is the main heart of it. That knowledge in and of itself is a very strong, steady rock. Prayer for me is talking to Mom, in effect. A shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to.

But I am an adult. I am Her child, but this is my life. She cannot live my life for me. I do not expect Her to carry me through life. She will love me, hold me, let me cry on Her shoulders. This is still my life, and She expects me to fix my own mistakes and face my own problems.

She is my Mother, and She loves me.
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No, I'm not cutting this one. I have yet to be able to listen to this song without crying about halfway through.

The preacher looked down from the pulpit and cried
We hold the keys to the kingdom my friends
When others sin is for us to decide
It is our duty to judge and condemn
Then one timid soul made a very brave choice
And from the back of the church came a voice

Not with my Jesus you don’t!
A teenage girl said I am sorry but I
Know that pure love welcomes us when we die
You tell some people it won’t
Not with my Jesus you don’t!

The Mullah said Yes the great Satan defiles
The land of the prophet, may his name be blessed
And so we pray that the infidel dies
In jihad which we unleash on the West
Then one timid soul made a very brave choice
And from the back of the mosque came a voice

Not with my Allah you don’t!
One old man cried from his mat on the floor
It is the great God of love I adore
You may forget but I won’t
Not with my Allah you don’t!

Not with my Allah!
Not with my Yahweh!
Ha-Shem, Brahma, or Vishnu
What in the name of all that is holy
Have we been letting them do?

The Great Spirit looks down upon the blue sphere
As those invoking its holiest names
Embrace intolerance hatred and fear
And to those people the Spirit exclaims
You know that I have been patient with you
But I see your hearts and the damage you do

Not with my children please don’t!
I gave you each other to care for and love
But this world ignores God's plea from above
Perhaps if we speak out it won’t ...
Not with God's children you don’t!

John Flynn
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Reading Chick Tracts can be amusing. Reading the articles on D&D that they have up on the site however . . .

It's sad when I'm a better Christian than most people who call themselves Christian are. It really is. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick, shelter the needy. It's even sadder when the character that I'm going to be playing this weekend is a better Christian than most.

Y'know, the cleric of sun, moon, and stars that loves without condition, heals, comforts, tithes to churches that aid the needy, forgives, and who spends much more time practicing her beliefs than preaching them.

But, in the popular 'Christian' worldview she also pays homage to more than one god, has a female lover, and is a sorcerer in addition to being a cleric. In the popular 'Christian' worldview, I am pagan, bisexual, and have two husbands.

-sigh- My polypantheistic D&D cleric3/sorcerer4/mystic wanderer2 should not be a better Christian than the outspoken majority of Christianity. Okay? The fact that she is means that there's a real problem here, folks.


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