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House has been checked out.

We caught they guy in the midst of renovations, methinks. That is why myself and Louis went down to the realtor's office, and signed something saying that us buying the house was contigent on the plumbing to one of the bathrooms being finished.

Since the paperwork was originally sent to our realtor by the seller's agent, methinks that this will be no problem. Somewhat bemusing, though.

No gutters; will be changing that sometime before the rainy season. Picked out the colour that I want to paint one of the bedrooms.

Closing is sceduled for May 21st; we take posession June 21st. Right before Warin's place of work has their two week summer shutdown, wheeee! Soo, not that weekend, but the one after it, the weekend of the 30th, we'll be doing our U-Haul moving. First week will be dedicated to painting, getting power, 'net, and such transferred and running, getting major appliances delivered . . . running around screaming like a headless chicken, etc, etc.

Moving party starts Friday the 29th and ends sometime on Sunday the 1st. U-Haul will likely be there Friday evening thru Sat afternoon.

That noise you hear would be me flailing about in my chair, making little gibbering sounds. Commence the headless chicken dances!
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We are approved for house loan! We have house that we are making offer on!

zomgsweetbabyjeebusandhisrainbowpacifier . . . .

-runs around, flailing wildly-

Listing info.

Those pictures, just for the record, do *not* do the place justice. The yard is bare, true . . . but what else are plant catalougs for? And the listing doesn't mention the 4th bedroom, either. -giggle- Did I mention that the house note will be less than our current rent?

Need to oraganize about a bazillion things, including a home-inspector so's we can make sure that the place is sound. Since it's had some recent renovations and stuff done with it, I'm pretty sure it'll hold up, but this is not something that I am going to assume, thankyouverymuch.

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So, it occured to me that my computer does more than run World of Warcraft . . .

Not that that's all that I've been doing lately. The end is in sight on the organization of the living room. Craft stuff has been organized, and has found its home in the downstairs closet. Serious moving around of the living room furniture will occur once the last few patches of stuff winds its way to wherever it'll all be going.

Official type divorce stuff is Happening between Warin and Catchild. It is not exactly the easiest thing in the world, for any and all parties involved. Which is probably about the extent that I'll be going into it in here.

Random WoW tidbit: Last night I discovered that an engineer in WoW can eventually learn how to make an explosive sheep. Louis and I just about passed out laughing. A gnomish mage and a gnomish warlock, both with the engineering profession, are very scary when they're by themselves. They're terrifying when they pair up. Much virtual dynamite was thrown, and several souls were swallowed.

Ronja and Snidelyus are quite the happy pair. They make their home out in the wilds of the Smolderthorn server, along with Ronja's mechanical squirrel and Snidelyus's imp.
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If the druglords had any money sense whatsoever, they'd be hiring game designers and coders to produce an MMORPG.

Obligatory WoW reference out of the way. So, what else is going on with the Mouse?

The cats are settling into the apartment quite nicely. They have fallen in love with the stairs. More to the point, they have fallen in love with lying down on a step in such a fashion as to be almost invisible to anyone coming down the stairs. They also enjoy chasing each other up and down the stairs as fast as they can go. Yup, they're settling in all right. Sadie has taken to making sure that she is in whatever room I am in. She has also started curling up on the couch with me. She's still highly skittish, and will likely always be.

The paperbacks have been alphabetized and reshelved. More organization of the living room will be occuring, especially as we are looking at doing some furniture rearranging in the near future. We'll be making some more shelves soonish. There will probably be more Goodwill runs over the next few months. They already know us on sight by now.

As for the three of us, we're doing pretty good, all things considered. I'm not entirely sure that I can describe it better than that without becoming all sappy. Healthy, loving relationships seem to be pretty boring to the folks not involved in them. That, or seen as overly mushy.

-hapysigh- Right now, I feel very happy, snuggly, loved and just plain content.

And I have a Gnomish mage named Ronja out on Sargeras that needs to learn how to build mechanical squirrels.
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We've got the phone # confirmed.

I know I don't have an up to date e-mail address book, so if you want contact info, please e-mail me at: wildstar_k_treva at yahoo dot com.
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. . . Acht jaaren lang/Ging ik naar school

And we are back online! (Extreme major brownie points to anybody that recognizes the song the above lyrics came from.)

We are also (mostly) moved in. I say mostly because we are still unpacking boxes. However, we have most of our floorspace available to us, the furniture is situated, and we are down to the process of sorting and shelving the rest.

Of course, we're going to need to build some of those shelves, but that's just a minor hitch. Sadie is settling in, and seems to have decided that Louis's computer area is her curl up spot. She is also very interested in all the new smells along the side of the apartment building. Once we clear a path through the utility room to the litter-boxes, we will be toting cat-carriers out to Sanctuary to corral Stavan and Drake.

BTW folks, if Dragon wants the picture above what is now his room, he can keep it. I think he'd like it more than I do.


Dec. 30th, 2005 08:49 am
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We will be moving over the weekend. Namely, this one.

Until we've got the computers set up in the apartment (and until Ma Bell gets the DSL hooked up), [ profile] warinbear, [ profile] louisadkins, and myself will be offline.


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