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[ profile] catchild is finding her room today. She is also rearranging furniture. [ profile] louisadkins is providing most of the assistance, and I've been popping in there periodically to help as well.

I think she's about ready to beat [ profile] ebonunicorn over the head with his stuff, though. Frequent grumbles were heard from her that went something like this: "Why is he still keeping this? I thought we got rid of this two years ago! What the hell is that? Drkn, why is this still here? He hasn't touched this in over a year, why do we still have it?"

And so on and so forth. This includes the 19" moniter that he insists on keeping because he wants to someday get a second video card and have a computer with two moniters. He has been saying this for about a year now. The moniter has been perched on his dresser for most of that time. This does not touch all the stuff that, "might come in handy someday; don't throw that away, it's useful; we need to keep that, just in case," and so on.

He is a wonderful person, and I love him a great deal. He needs to learn the fine art of getting rid of things that need getting rid of. Ther first person that pipes up with "So he needs to get rid of me" will be severely growled at.

Ah, well. For a bad habit, it's okay. It's amusing more than anything else. Mostly because it's not my room that's being filled with stuff.
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[ profile] louisadkins has been home from work for the past week. Work has gotten impossible for him, to the point that it's been affecting him physically. Headaches, back knotting to the point that driving was bad, nausea, etc, etc. He is currently seeking new employment.

He has also been helping with what he has named 'God's List' around the house. God's List is the huge list of stuff that needs to get done around the house that we haven't had the time or energy to get to. With an extra person home, we can. The side hallway has been cleared, the sunroom and laundry room have been cleared and organized, the kitchen no longer has piles of stuff waiting to go out to the watershed, we have confimed the existence of the kitchen table, Phooka's toys have been seriously weeded, and my room is no longer an obstacle course.

The local Goodwill now also knows the van on sight.

My room still needs more done with it, the kitchen needs to be better organized, and [ profile] catchild's bedroom and bathroom still need work. And we need to set several pack-rat traps. When something has sat unused and in the way for a year, it's time to get rid of it.

My shoulder/neck area on the left side still hurts whenever I do anything that pulls on it. This has not been helping my mood any. I am doing my damndest to not give in to a case of the "Ah, fuckit"s, and just use the arm like there's nothing wrong with it, as that would make it worse.

So, being in a grumpy mood and being irritable at my family for all having two functional arms, drat their hides, I am of course plotting out stuff for the game I'm going to be running. The previous one sort of crumbled because I got seriously lost. I think I've ironed that problem out for this one. Setting is the Diablo II world and storyline. See also: A world that I know by heart 'cause I've been all bloody over, under, around, and through it.

We'll see if I've learned any from the last game. First lesson: Learn when to say no, and don't be afraid to say no when it really needs to be said.
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Spring Cleaning, or, That Unreasonable Desire To See The Floors Again )


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