Jul. 5th, 2005 08:36 pm
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I have a new pair of sandals. They fit.

It took me a year to find this pair of sandals. A whole godsbedamned year.

Here follows my tale of conquest at a Wal-Mart in Huntsville:
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We went out and bought winter clothing for everyone who needed it about a month and a half ago. The jeans fit fine when I tried them on in the store.

A week ago, they started sliding off of my hips.

Okay. I got on the scale. No weight loss. The jeans are not stretched. I got on the scale again. No weight loss. Oookay.
They're sliding off of my hips even worse this week. Check scale. Still no weight loss. Jeans are still not stretched.

Okay, so I have been trying to eat somewhat more healthily. Housework has gotten more active lately, what with a bigger house to look after. I've been taking advantage of the size of Sanctuary and hiking more. Okay, so I've been walking down to pick the girls up from the bus-stop lately, and yes, it's a quarter-mile walk one-way. Yes, I've been walking around the house with the Phooka (the baby) in a sling or on my hip a *lot* lately. Okay, so she's 16.2 lbs now. Okay, so I've been getting more serious about the yoga.

I just didn't realize that a month could make this much difference. No, I haven't lost weight. Weight loss was never my goal. However, I have developed and am developing muscle and endurance. I don't get tired anywhere near as easily as I used to. The hike up and down the ridge leaves me feeling pleasantly buzzed, instead of wiped. I haven't been getting sick near as often as I used to. I *feel* stronger. And it feels good.

Thank you, Noel. Reading about your exercising and dieting is what kick-started me into working on taking better care of myself.

Next step once I'm in somewhat better shape: Learning how to stick-fight.


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