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I love my children very much. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

This does not make me any happier about the fact that Bear-Cub is slamming into a roller-coaster puberty at the same time that Phooka is hitting the Terrible Twos head-on. Puppy, apparantly feeling left out of all the emotional angst, has also decided to join in on the fun. Oh, and we're trying to potty-train Phooka. The past week has been one of the more draining ones.

Here follows my ordeal with Phooka. )
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[ profile] louisadkins is currently busy vaccuming the living room. This involves moving furniture around so that he can vaccum the carpet under them. Phooka watched him move my recliner back into place, and decided that she wanted to help. So, when he started pulling [ profile] catchild's chair back into place, she got on the other side and started pushing. When he moved the coffee table, she ran over and helped him pick it up, after he showed her how and where to place her hands. She helped him move it back, helped him move Dragon's couch, and helped him push the vaccum cleaner around. (Yes, of course Louis lifted the weight on all of them!)

She is now bouncing around, giggling and calling out, "I did it!"
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The kids went off to camp yesterday. We go pick them up on Friday.

The silence in the house may very well drive me mad before then. True parenthood is not colic, school, laundry, PTA, or stepping on a toy at three in the morning. True parenthood is when you realize that you're on edge because you haven't heard a single argument all day. It is when you consider getting a tape made of your children fighting so that when they are away for longer than a school day, you don't go bat-shit crazy.

Thankfully, Phooka is still here and seems to be enjoying the chance to have us all to herself for a while. That or she's enjoying not having to fight the older girls for her toys. Still not sure on that one.

She's learning more and more each day, at one helluva pace. Her language skills are getting better on a daily basis, and she is finally starting to figure out cause and effect. As in: If I haul this cat around by the ears/tail/paws/belly fur, said cat will claw me until I let go. For their part, the cats are moving her from the 'kitten' to 'juvenile' category.

Topic shift to Games:
In between massive planning for my game this weekend, I've been playing Fallout on the computer. I have oficially decided that the 'rifle' category ranks as having the best weapons evah. It is absolutely wonderful to sneak into an area, go into combat mode, and be halfway across the screen from the things you're shooting at. While pulling off accurate called shots to the eyes. I do think that the AI is a bit on the slow side. Sure, I sneak good and all that, but when the flesh of the guard next to you melts off of his bones, which then collapse in a little pile on the floor (I love the effects of a critical with a plasma rifle), wouldn't you be just a bit suspicious? Just a bit? Just standing there doing nothing is somewhat idiotic, is all I'm saying. Especially when the green bolt from the plasma rifle goes right past one guard's face to hit the guy in front of him. Into this category also fall the idiots who use rocket launchers at point blank range. Or who use a burst weapon or flamer on you when one of their buddies is in the way, killing their buudy and leaving you mostly unscathed.

Then again, it may be that they owed said buddy a larege sum of cash, on account of being too stupid to know when to leave the poker table.
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Got to see something incredibly cute and adorable last night. The Phooka was refusing to sleep, so at about nine [ profile] catchild brought the fussy baby out to [ profile] warinbear, and asked if Poppa Bear would please work his magic. About thirty minutes later, I came back into our room to get something, and found [ profile] warinbear asleep on the bed, on his back, cradling a sleeping Phooka on his chest. [ profile] catchild and I giggled and grinned and gently woke the Bear up, since we both knew beter than to try and pry the baby out of his arms while he was still asleep. He brought her to her crib and gently laid her down. The picture that they made last night still gives me warm fuzzies.

Snowfalke went to the vet this Monday. He wasn't putting any weight at all on his rear left leg, so off to the vet he went. The vet was shocked to find that the leg wasn't broken. He does, however, have a pretty nasty infecion in that leg. She drained a pocket of blood with a needle, and gave us liquid anitibiotic to feed him at home. He's looking much beter now, and he's actually starting to join in the run and pounce games again.

I'm feeling really happy about the job Peter Jackson did with the LOTR movies right now. Bear-Cub watched the first extended DVD about three weeks ago, and the second one last week. Upon hearing that this trilogy was based on a book, her eyes got reeeally big, and she proceeded to try and find where on the shelves the books were. [ profile] louisadkins brought down his large hardcover edition (the one that contains all three books) for her to read. She is diving into it with unfettered enthusiasim. This is one proud and happy Librarian mouse right now.

I am also in search of Dutch and German tapes, CDs, and books. Bear-Cub and Puppy both have started singing along with the Rammstein CDs, and their accent is almost flawless. I want to encourage this trend. I'm already trying to remember to chatter with the Phooka in Dutch on a frequent basis. Anyone got any Muzzy stuff that they're wiling to part with? -hopeful look-

On a somewhat more grumpy note, I am also going to set aside time to educate Bear-Cub. She came home last year with the assingment of memorizing various parts of the Constitution. She asked me to help her study. After she'd finished reciting the piece she was supposed to memorize, I asked her, "Good. Now, tell me what it means. Her response boiled down to, "I don't have to know what it means, I just have to memorize it!"

Insert lots of shuddering and twitching, and several muffled screams. If the school has not educated her on the meaning Constitution by summer break, then I will. I have also been having lovely little history conversations with her. In general, I am trying to help her avoid falling into the one viewpoint only trap that so many American Social Studies textbooks contain.

My contribution to democracy: Education of the young.


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