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It has been a long, busy weekend. [ profile] louisadkins and I saw SW3 Friday night. At the Imax at Opry Mills up in Nashville.

Let me just for the record state that I hope that whomever designed the highway and interstate exchange in Nashville navigates it eternally in the sixth circle of Hell that Louis and I decided said road system is. It is nasty. Especially with major construction going on in several areas. If I don't have to get anywhere near Briley Parkway for a year, it'll still be too soon. We will not even go into how often I had to bounce lanes to stay on I-65 south, or the panicked moment when I thought that I was on I-40 east because the signs are the very opposite of helpful anywhere the three interstates that go through Nashville meet each other. [ profile] warinbear knows how to navigate that acid-tripping spider's web of roads. I take a navigator, spend a lot of time changing lanes, and pray to Hermes a lot.

That said, the movie was good. Not as good as ESB, but it was still good. I do think that Lucas should be threatened with severe groinal injury and extreme bludgeoning damage to his hands if he ever even thinks about writing romantic dialogue again. And I never, ever, ever want to be anything less than ten minutes early for a movie ever again, 'cause we got there just as they were starting the trailers, and the only seats left were the ones in the front row. At an Imax. My neck is just now starting to consider forgiving me for that.

The rest of the family went out to see the movie on Saturday, with me and Louis staying home with Phooka. We had a fun day together. She was bright and cheerful and chipper and fell asleep in the car on the way back from our minor shopping trip with part of a chicken nugget still clenched in her hand.

It was good to get to spend time with her like that. She loves going out to go shopping, and she loves getting to munch on french fries and nuggets while looking out the car window. I want to personally bless, thank, kiss, and possibly bestow sexual favours on whomever came up with the idea for the child-lock on car doors, by-the-by. Phooka's car-seat is directly behind the driver's seat in Juliette, and the child-lock was the only reason that the door next to her stayed closed. She is fascinated by the door-handle, and will play with it for a good deal of time, trying to figure out how it works.

Need to go get into bed now.

Long Day

Nov. 5th, 2003 10:38 pm
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Louis took me to see the third Matrix movie this evening. I liked. I liked lots. I also don't feel the need to get into a vehicle again for about a day, on account of spending the morning helping get vehicles to and from Huntsville, which is where our mechanic is. It is also an hour and a half drive. If you happen to live in the Huntsville, AL area, this is Chek-Ups. On South Memorial Parkway. Yes, they are good (and honest) enough to warrant the drive. (end shameless plug for very nice people)

We got back and Catchild took a nap while the bears and I watched the baby. Louis and I waited 'til the girls got back from school, and then went out to the movie.

And the cool thing about all this is, we both knew that this wasn't a date, everyone else knew that it wasn't a date, and we had a damn good time as friends at a movie together without even a shred of worry about jealousy issues. This is a cool thing because it speaks volumes to me about well we as a family know each other and talk to each other. Two years ago, this was a major problem.

Time to get up and actually try some of the yoga exercises. My body is not happy about sitting mostly still for most of the day.


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