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I've been somewhat at a loss as to what I should be posting. I have this vague urge to update, so that folks know what's going in my life and all that. And then I realize that right now, we're at that last little stage of settling into the apartment. There's just one corner of stuff left that needs to get looked through, we've sorted out a cleaning schedule (of sorts, we seem more to have slid into one than hashed one out), [ profile] warinbear goes to work in the afternoons, [ profile] louisadkins and I will start going through his comics collection tomorrow, we play WoW together . . .

Life has settled down. I want a house someday, once we've got the money saved up for it. I'm working on getting Sadie trained the rest of the way, and not feeling particularly charitable to whomever first trained her. (Housebroken: Hell, yes. Trained to heel: Hell, no. Terrified of men with long sleeves and ball caps: Fucking hell yes. If I ever get my hands on the bastard, there's going to be a lot of yelling involved. Possibly a rolled-up newspaper.)

I have my own computer and desk, now. Tax return this year went to it when we realized that, in order to avoid potential for conflict, we were going to need to have one computer per person. And all three of them needed to have WoW on them. We've been spending time together playing WoW mostly. We're part of a guild on one server, and formed one on another. Bloodstrike Clan of Akama says: "Eat more chicken!" Starcrest is the guild that we created on Smolderthorn, mostly for the purpose of not being constantly invited to such guilds as, "LEETHAKKORZ" or "TwinksRUs". I want to let Starcrest expand at it's own pace, and get known for showing up whenever someone's having problems with high-levels ganking lowbies. The basic idea will be that we're laid-back and not high-commitment. We're there to help, both guildmates and other folks.

Huh. Pretty much described both guilds, right there. I've been creating characters on RP servers, and I'm finding that I very much enjoy the atmosphere. I'm not going to give up my characters on the PvP servers, but I'm not going to create any new characers on them, either. I think my favourite RP character is currently the Troll hunter. Such a very relaxed and laid-back take on life, and I love 'speaking' in a Carribiean accent.

It ocurs to me that most of my update content is likely to be WoW related for a while. The game world has been designed so well that it really feels like exploring another world. I could easily role-play any of the character that I've created, because the world that they've been created in is so alive.

It is also most of what I've been doing of late. Well, that and reading. And spending time with my guys.

Or little snapsshots of life. Like the fact that Stavan is up on his hind legs, fore legs planted on the arm of Louis's computer chair, meowing his squeaky meow. He's headbutting Louis's left hand and arm. In another few seconds, Louis will reach down and pet and rub and skritch, and Stavan will go into an frenzy of purring and twining and rubbing. They've developed this little ritual over the past month or so, just like Sadie has taken to curling up in the footspace under my desk. Every so often, she'll reach up with her paw and pull my foot down to lick and rub her head against.

-happysigh- Must update more often. It's nice to dwell on those little snapshots, the little moments of peace and joy. It's good for me, too.


Oct. 18th, 2005 07:26 pm
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First things first: The family had a Conversation earlier today. I think we're better now. More importantly, I think we have the knowledge and resources to work on getting better.

Secondly: If you have had any computer-type contact with any of the following folks since the start of September, run a virus scan: [ profile] catchild, [ profile] ebonunicorn, [ profile] louisadkins, [ profile] omimouse, and [ profile] warinbear.

Our computers are on a network. One of those computers is going through an epic-level de-bug and ressurection process due to a particularly nasty virus. Virus name: Vundo.b It is a Trojan, and it is a nasty little sonuvabitch.


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