Jan. 9th, 2008 07:24 pm
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Pets here.

Cooking and kitchen stuff here.

Start at the last one on the bottom right and work your way back for that one. I'm still figuring out how to rearrange the order they're in.

Any ideas on anything I can do about the foggy and grainy quality on most of those?
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The last month has mostly been helping Louis's mom get settled in and financially stable enough so she can start looking for a place sometime in January-ish. She'es much happier now than she was in Florida, for starters. That's mostly to do with not being alone or living in the house of her now deceased parents, I think.

Momma cat got returned to the neighbours around the 8-week mark. Kittens were litter-trained and weaned at that point, and her presence was actively hampering their interactions with the other animals in the house. Since said neighbours apparently don't believe in indoor kitties, she spent a decent part of November yowling outside any part of the house that had lights on. The kittens all but completely ignored her. We've been having to do some aggressive flea control on them. So far it's mostly contained, but I think we're gonna need to give them another flea bath shortly. This was another reason for showing Momma the door, as even flea spraying her nearly led to bleeding.

Stavan warmed up to the kittens very quickly after Momma left the house. At this point, he is absolutely thrilled to have such enthusiastic playmates. Drake is just now deigning to sniff noses, and is holding herself as being above such things as kitten games. Sadie thinks they're okay, as long as they stay out of her wet food. Princess (Louis's mom's Pomeranian) is slowly deciding that maybe they don't want to kill her and eat her after all. However, she is also firmly of the opinion that pouncing on her tail is Right Out.

Robin (white, grey, and cream calico) is a shoulder cat. And a lap cat, leg cat, small-of-your-back cat, elbow cat . . . you get the idea. She tends to curl up between my head and Louis's at night if we let her stay in the room. Her sister (dark calico) is much more feisty and active. She will, however, quite gleefully cuddle in your arms if it means getting in the way of your book or keyboard.

Okay, that's the kitty part of the update. Next post: Hormonal Birth Control and its Effects on Domesticated House Mice.
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So, [ profile] louisadkins and I headed out to do some grocery shopping. While Louis was pulling into a parking space, I noticed this little cat rubbing up against a lady that was putting her groceries away. So, when we got out of the car, I headed over to say hi.

Oh, my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Absolutely *gorgous* little lithe black shorthair. Couldn't have been out on the street more than a day or so at most. And affectionate. I knelt down to say hi, and had a little black purring burr within seconds. I tried turning her to get a better look, and she was on my shoulder and rubbing all over me before I quite knew what was happening.

When she started licking my chin and headbutting me, I felt little claws dig into my heart and hold.

Louis smiled when I asked if we could please go back home with her. So, back into the car we got, me with a little black lady in my lap. She was calm the whole trip, and purred and kneaded my shoulders and nibbled and licked my chin and put both her paws around my neck and nuzzled into me.
[ profile] warinbear was bemused, I think, when he turned around and saw me come in with an arm ful of little black cat. I showed her the litterbox, food, and water, and then explained to Warin while I got a flea collar on her.

She's obviously not feral, and her coat is in good condition. She seems to have a bit of a cold, but she's got meat on her bones and doesn't appear to be unhealthy, or even have all that many fleas. I made sure of her gender, and she's prettty clearly female. Not even the vestiges that are left when a tom is neutered. She's such a small thing, too. She's smaller than Drake is, for those of you that have met our cats.

She's just such a gorgeous and friendly little darling that we can't think of a reason why someone would have dumped her. The parking lot was too far away from residences for her to be someone's pet, and she was just a little too frantic for human attention. That, and that parking lot seems to be a favourite place to dump unwanted animals.

We're taking her to the vet on Monday. Worst case scenario (may this remain the worse case scenario) at this point is that we'll have to find her a new home. Louis and I very much want to keep her, though. She feels like she belongs. Warin said to give him more time to think about it, and we have to check with the apartment manager. Thankfully, the manager for this complex has a cat or two of her own, so I'm hoping she'll understand.

But she's not out on the street anymore, and I'm gonna make sure that she's taken care of from now on. Pictures later, if we can get 'em.


Oct. 12th, 2006 06:24 pm
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Sadie's been perking up a lot lately. At least, that's the only real way of putting it that I 've got.

About a week ago, I was spreading a comforter out on the floor so I could get worked on by [ profile] warinbear. Sadie squirmed out from behind [ profile] louisadkins' chair and proceeded to pounce on the blanket. She chased it, batted at it with her paws, and wriggled sideways up to me, tail wagging like mad the whole time. Warin and I spent a good 30 minutes or so playing with her like this.

This may seem like a perfectly normal thing, and for most dogs, it would be. To give folks that haven't met Sadie in person an idea: Sadie going all playful is sort of like Wal-Mart funding GLBT dances and focusing more on enviromentally friendly practices. Which, by-the-by, they've been doing. But still, you get the idea.

For the past few years that she has been a part of my life, she has been shy, easily frightened, and extremely skittish. To see her playing so freely with Warin (Warin! There's another shock, for those of you that know how he feels about dogs. He was on the floor, laughing and playing and cuddling with a dog.) was absolutely amazing. And she's been doing it ever since. She's started to come up to all three of us and demand to be petted. She'll wriggle across the floor up to Louis, all but asking out loud for him to drag the blanket on the floor. She butts her head up under our hands like the cats do.

Strangers still make her uncomfortable, and send her upstairs to hide under Warin's bed. But, at least with the three of us, she seems to be finally coming into her own.
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I've been somewhat at a loss as to what I should be posting. I have this vague urge to update, so that folks know what's going in my life and all that. And then I realize that right now, we're at that last little stage of settling into the apartment. There's just one corner of stuff left that needs to get looked through, we've sorted out a cleaning schedule (of sorts, we seem more to have slid into one than hashed one out), [ profile] warinbear goes to work in the afternoons, [ profile] louisadkins and I will start going through his comics collection tomorrow, we play WoW together . . .

Life has settled down. I want a house someday, once we've got the money saved up for it. I'm working on getting Sadie trained the rest of the way, and not feeling particularly charitable to whomever first trained her. (Housebroken: Hell, yes. Trained to heel: Hell, no. Terrified of men with long sleeves and ball caps: Fucking hell yes. If I ever get my hands on the bastard, there's going to be a lot of yelling involved. Possibly a rolled-up newspaper.)

I have my own computer and desk, now. Tax return this year went to it when we realized that, in order to avoid potential for conflict, we were going to need to have one computer per person. And all three of them needed to have WoW on them. We've been spending time together playing WoW mostly. We're part of a guild on one server, and formed one on another. Bloodstrike Clan of Akama says: "Eat more chicken!" Starcrest is the guild that we created on Smolderthorn, mostly for the purpose of not being constantly invited to such guilds as, "LEETHAKKORZ" or "TwinksRUs". I want to let Starcrest expand at it's own pace, and get known for showing up whenever someone's having problems with high-levels ganking lowbies. The basic idea will be that we're laid-back and not high-commitment. We're there to help, both guildmates and other folks.

Huh. Pretty much described both guilds, right there. I've been creating characters on RP servers, and I'm finding that I very much enjoy the atmosphere. I'm not going to give up my characters on the PvP servers, but I'm not going to create any new characers on them, either. I think my favourite RP character is currently the Troll hunter. Such a very relaxed and laid-back take on life, and I love 'speaking' in a Carribiean accent.

It ocurs to me that most of my update content is likely to be WoW related for a while. The game world has been designed so well that it really feels like exploring another world. I could easily role-play any of the character that I've created, because the world that they've been created in is so alive.

It is also most of what I've been doing of late. Well, that and reading. And spending time with my guys.

Or little snapsshots of life. Like the fact that Stavan is up on his hind legs, fore legs planted on the arm of Louis's computer chair, meowing his squeaky meow. He's headbutting Louis's left hand and arm. In another few seconds, Louis will reach down and pet and rub and skritch, and Stavan will go into an frenzy of purring and twining and rubbing. They've developed this little ritual over the past month or so, just like Sadie has taken to curling up in the footspace under my desk. Every so often, she'll reach up with her paw and pull my foot down to lick and rub her head against.

-happysigh- Must update more often. It's nice to dwell on those little snapshots, the little moments of peace and joy. It's good for me, too.
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If the druglords had any money sense whatsoever, they'd be hiring game designers and coders to produce an MMORPG.

Obligatory WoW reference out of the way. So, what else is going on with the Mouse?

The cats are settling into the apartment quite nicely. They have fallen in love with the stairs. More to the point, they have fallen in love with lying down on a step in such a fashion as to be almost invisible to anyone coming down the stairs. They also enjoy chasing each other up and down the stairs as fast as they can go. Yup, they're settling in all right. Sadie has taken to making sure that she is in whatever room I am in. She has also started curling up on the couch with me. She's still highly skittish, and will likely always be.

The paperbacks have been alphabetized and reshelved. More organization of the living room will be occuring, especially as we are looking at doing some furniture rearranging in the near future. We'll be making some more shelves soonish. There will probably be more Goodwill runs over the next few months. They already know us on sight by now.

As for the three of us, we're doing pretty good, all things considered. I'm not entirely sure that I can describe it better than that without becoming all sappy. Healthy, loving relationships seem to be pretty boring to the folks not involved in them. That, or seen as overly mushy.

-hapysigh- Right now, I feel very happy, snuggly, loved and just plain content.

And I have a Gnomish mage named Ronja out on Sargeras that needs to learn how to build mechanical squirrels.
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Blackston is in search of a new home. [ profile] catchild has the ad typed up and is getting it checked over before posting it.

She's in search of a new home because she is having problems that, while treatable, cost more to treat than we can manage. Especially since it involves perscription cat-food. So, we are seeking a new home for her where she can be loved and taken care of.

If anyone on my f-list either lives in the Middle-TN area or knows someone who does, could you please spread the word around? If anyone fits the above and is also in search of a loving kitty who will need to stay indoors and have perscription cat-food, please get in touch with me. wildstar_k_treva at
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It rained this evening. It really, really rained. Sadie spent about five harrowing minutes tense and nervous at the foot of the porch steps, obviously not happy with getting wet, but scared of all the voices inside as well. She finally came running into the house, and hid behind a chair.

She's okay.

My left arm, however, is very, very ouchy, so that's all for this post.

(Edit: June 26, 2005, 00:02)

On the arm front: Around Monday or so, I did something to my left arm. More to the point, I did something to where the shoulder and neck join. Moving my arm to much or in the wrong way hurts. Moving my head the wrong way hurts. If I sneeze to hard, it hurts. My left arm is off duty for a while. I'm taking anti-inflammatories, rubbing the MSM cream that [ profile] nonnycat sent us into the area, and iceing the area.

-sigh- If it still hurts after two weeks, or if it gets worse, then I will go see a doctor. Seeing as how I'm doing what I got told to do the last time I had a flare-up that felt like this, I don't think that there's much more that I can do.
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Sadie managed to snap her chain off at the post yesterday morning. She was running around the property with the full fifteen feet of chain dragging along behind her.

I was trying to catch up with her this afternoon, when I tripped. Over the chain. I look up, and Sadie was way up the hill, giving me this huge doggie grin that conveyed immense pride. She wagged her tail at me, then turned around and bounced into the treeline. "Come play with me!" Her favourite game to play with us. Chase me, find me.

Leaving me on the hillside with about 15 feet of chain. Her collar's still on her and everything, bright blue on her throat.

I feel better now. She really likes the hill on the side of the house that's away from the neighbour's yard, and she'll probably be back in her doghouse as soon as it rains. If she doesn't come to the door instead. The really important thing is that she doesn't have fifteen feet of chain dragging along behind her any more. This means that she won't get stuck somewhere and starve while we're trying to find her.

She'll just bounce around the lower field trying to get us to play chase until a good rainstorm comes rolling in. Then I'll go out and get her, or she'll come to the door. I'll still keep trying to entice her to come to me everytime I see her.

Found Her!

Jun. 1st, 2005 07:30 am
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I woke up at about 6:30 this morning to the sound of rain. Rain is something I have been praying for since Monday evening. Sadie will usually come to the door and beg to be let in if it's raining. No Saide this morning, and then I had a thought. She has a nice cozy doghouse inside the chicken barn, which puts two roofs between her and the nasty, icky rain. Why would she want to risk getting wet by wating outside our door for us to realize that she wanted in?

I swear, she's a mutated cat, not a dog.

So out I go, into the rain with her leash. Into the barn, up to her house, and bingo! I did get a somewhat reproachful look when she realized that I meant for us to go back through the rain to get to the house, but she forgave me when I toweled her off.

She is currently out in the living room, watching everything around her with a mix of curiousty and apprehension, wagging her tail at me everytime she sees me.

She's okay.

Ye gods, but do I ever feel better now.
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The neighbour's Chow came onto the property today. More specifically, when I looked out the window, the Cow was running around the chick enclosure, and was busily trying to force his way in. He was almost in by the time Drkn got the .22 down from where it was, (Archway in between living room and kitchen. Crosspiece on top is flat. Is also out of reach for anybody under about 5'5") cleared the door, and missed on purpose with the first shot to try and scare the dog off of the chicks. Dog didn't even twitch.

The next shot hit the dog in the rear body mass, low. The next hit him square in the chest. Dog is now writhing and hightailing it back through/over the fence back onto neighbour's property. Neighbour was close by, comes running to investigate shots and yelping, firearm of his own in hand. Drkn shoulders rifle, as dog is no longer on our property.

Neighbour could have taken dog to vet, according to Drkn. Dog probably would've pulled through. Neighbour instead puts dog down, on the spot. Takes three shots to do so, at fucking point blank fucking range, with much screaming (yes, screaming, and I never want to hear anything like that ever again for as long as I live, ever) from dog. Neigbour is highly upset, highly emotional, angry, and armed. Neighbour is screaming that he better not ever catch our dog. Ever. Drkn returns rifle to house. Drkn reminds neighbour that he told us to shoot the dog if it came onto our property again, after dog killed one of the chickens. Neighbour is screaming that he knows exactly where we got those birds; they didn't cost us anything. Don't know why that mattered. Neighbour repeats that he better not ever catch our dog. Ever.

Nobody at non-emergency number at sherrif's office, will call again tomorrow. Heard several rapid-fire gunshots, but no yelping, about an hour or two ago. Can't find Sadie. Don't think neighbour is a good enough shot to have gotten an instant kill, especially in the dark. Will be looking for her tomorrow, returning her to chain until we can build a Sadie-proof enclosure for her around the chicken house.

Scared. Sadie was supposed to be the family's dog; but she's mine. She comes to me, she hides in my skirts, she looks at me with the look that says she trusts me to keep her safe, no matter what. She curls around my ankles and tries to curl up in my lap when I'm sitting down.

She's my dog, and someone is actively hunting her because he's mad at us, and I can't find her, and it's to dark to go looking right now.

I'm very, very scared right now.

Owie, Owie

Dec. 6th, 2003 08:40 pm
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Stavan was on top of the TV about 45 minutes ago. This is a place that the cats are not allowed to be. He was also sitting on top of [ profile] louisadkins's MP3 player, which is currently on top of the TV so as to be out of baby reach.

I hauled him off of the TV by the scruff of his neck, and proceded to administer standard kitty discipline for our house: Swat the nose and hiss. He put his claws through my silk shirt, bra, and upper half of my left breast. Punctures.

I am proud of myself. I neither dropped him nor threw him across the room. Instead, I carried him (still scruffing him) over to the kitchen sink, and held him in it. Warin liberally applied water to his face. Considering how cold it is outside, and as an added deterrent, I kept hold of him until he was sufficiently dry to safely let go of. He's curled up under the card table in the living room right now, indignantly grooming himself.

With where they were located,I needed Warin's help with the punctures. Simple procedure, right? You scrub the punctures with a washcloth to get any grit out, and then apply HP to them. Warin almost had to hold me down while he was scrubbing, and I discovered that the punctures were much deeper than I thought they were when he applied the HP. It felt like he was applying a brand to my breast. On the positive side, Bear-Cub (our ten year old girl) was watching the proceedings. She and the Puppy (our six old girl) have been having problems with proper treatment of the cats of late. She, in fact, had been spoken to earlier this evening about not putting the kittens into plastic bags.

Her eyes got really big when I broke off talking to her father mid-word to snarl-yell when he applied the HP. I hope she now has an idea of just how badly any of our felines can damage a person if they feel they have a reason to. Hopefully this will inspire better treatment of the cats.

And Stavan is sort of wriggling up to me, purring and patheti-mewing apologetically.
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Or, Catchild botched her Will Roll )


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