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Right. We have got to find a way to stop spending holidays like this.

At about 9ish this morning, there was a gunshot fairly close to the house. Okay, it's the 4th, it's July, it happens, no biggie. I don't remember who looked out the window, but a few minutes later, it was noted that our neighbour (he of the Chow and stalking of the fence-line) seemed to be trying to get our attention from his side of the fence. With much yelling and arm waving.

[ profile] ebonunicorn went out to see what the problem was. The neighbour was throwing a fit over the drainpipe for the well. It was either throught the fence-line or very close to it. He was bitching about it being on his property, and that we had damn well better fix it.

Somewhere in all of this, the phrase "knock your fucking head off" was directed towards Drkn.

A phone call to the sheriff insued. Neighbour in question, FTR, seemd to think that being an honourably discharged marine meant that the cops weren't going to do anything to him. At all, no matter what. He expressed this thought with some volume. Much talking with police and deputies ensued. A fair portion of Sanctuary wound up trouping downtown to talk to a magistrate. This is where we learned that a Captain had had a talk with our neighbour. The advice we got was to go to the courthouse tomorrow morning and talk to someone there. And to completely ignore the neighbour. Said neighbour has been informed by the Captain that he is to leave us alone, and call the cops if he has a problem with us, and the cops will come play go-between.

The drainpipe has been shortened, and will be shortened further later today. The Captain says that the runnoff is not a problem, as the pipe is pointed downhill towards the drainage ditch that runs along the property line. He commented that "Water runs downhill, that just is. Me, I'd be happy to have water run onto my land."

Tired now, and more than a little jumpy. The family meeting is scheduled for today; it stands a good chance of being postponed so that we don't try to hold a rational discussion while still coming down from fight-or-flight mode.
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The neighbour's Chow came onto the property today. More specifically, when I looked out the window, the Cow was running around the chick enclosure, and was busily trying to force his way in. He was almost in by the time Drkn got the .22 down from where it was, (Archway in between living room and kitchen. Crosspiece on top is flat. Is also out of reach for anybody under about 5'5") cleared the door, and missed on purpose with the first shot to try and scare the dog off of the chicks. Dog didn't even twitch.

The next shot hit the dog in the rear body mass, low. The next hit him square in the chest. Dog is now writhing and hightailing it back through/over the fence back onto neighbour's property. Neighbour was close by, comes running to investigate shots and yelping, firearm of his own in hand. Drkn shoulders rifle, as dog is no longer on our property.

Neighbour could have taken dog to vet, according to Drkn. Dog probably would've pulled through. Neighbour instead puts dog down, on the spot. Takes three shots to do so, at fucking point blank fucking range, with much screaming (yes, screaming, and I never want to hear anything like that ever again for as long as I live, ever) from dog. Neigbour is highly upset, highly emotional, angry, and armed. Neighbour is screaming that he better not ever catch our dog. Ever. Drkn returns rifle to house. Drkn reminds neighbour that he told us to shoot the dog if it came onto our property again, after dog killed one of the chickens. Neighbour is screaming that he knows exactly where we got those birds; they didn't cost us anything. Don't know why that mattered. Neighbour repeats that he better not ever catch our dog. Ever.

Nobody at non-emergency number at sherrif's office, will call again tomorrow. Heard several rapid-fire gunshots, but no yelping, about an hour or two ago. Can't find Sadie. Don't think neighbour is a good enough shot to have gotten an instant kill, especially in the dark. Will be looking for her tomorrow, returning her to chain until we can build a Sadie-proof enclosure for her around the chicken house.

Scared. Sadie was supposed to be the family's dog; but she's mine. She comes to me, she hides in my skirts, she looks at me with the look that says she trusts me to keep her safe, no matter what. She curls around my ankles and tries to curl up in my lap when I'm sitting down.

She's my dog, and someone is actively hunting her because he's mad at us, and I can't find her, and it's to dark to go looking right now.

I'm very, very scared right now.


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