May. 10th, 2011

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Sooo, snaking out from inside the house and from an overflow pipe outside didn't work. There appear to be, in fact, no clogs. We have very slow drainage going on, but it's just that, very slow.

Louis' dad is up here showing us where the other overflow pipe is, and the full extent of the collapsed tank. (He says it just rusted and the lid caved in. -twitches-) Pumping it out isn't an option, because of the collapse. Right now, we're just trying to clear a path for wastewater to get out to what is now the septic pit. Think of more as pipes to an outhouse pit than anything else.

This may very well involve digging out the pit to some extent. What we *should* be doing is either getting a hookup to city sewage or getting a new septic system installed. However, there's no way in hell we can afford it. Looked into composting toilets; can't afford those either, and it wouldn't deal with being unable to use the shower or washing machine or dishwasher or any sink in the house whatsoever.

-beats head into desk- I'm really hoping that Louis' dad can help us come up with something that works, because we CANNOT replace the system right now.

I'm really starting to hate May, which fucking sucks, because I love spring.


omimouse: Digital painting of a mouse wielding a spear (Default)

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