Jul. 27th, 2010

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Nonny, I wish to offer you a thousand blessings for suggesting I take a Percoset with me today. Because, bloody fucking hell, I now have something by which all other pain will be gauged.

I had my post-partum check up and pap smear today. I also had an IUD put in. This is my first, and it will also be my last IUD, because nothing in my life has ever hurt this badly. I now know what it means to be in so much pain that you want to throw up. My cervix does not seem to relax easily, and my uterus does *not* approve of invasion. The steroid shots, the catheter, the magnesium sulfate drip, getting the Lidocaine shot in my spine, getting blood taken from the same spot every day for 10 days straight, the IV that went into my inner wrist . . . this hurts more than any of that did, and it hurts more by a very wide margin.

I took the Percoset about 5 minutes after they put the IUD in. Now, sitting at my desk with my feet up on the desk and keyboard somewhere in between being in my lap and across my upper thighs, the pain is down to an occasional twinge and mild crampy feeling. Which is the bitch of it. If it has just been the placement, or if the pain had started to fade after 5-10 minutes, that would have been one thing. Instead, my uterus was screaming at me at least half of the way home.

I was told I did very well in regards to them putting it in. I assume they mean that I managed to mostly hold still and not kick them or scream or make overly much other noise. Louis says that the skin around my eyes was turning white when we left the office.

At least now I know what it feels like, and can therefore make an educated choice on what method of birth control to use later in life. And oh sweet pharmaceutical gods, the Percoset is kicking in the rest of the way now. Remind me to set up a shrine to the wonders of modern medicine.


omimouse: Digital painting of a mouse wielding a spear (Default)

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