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We picked her up from the after-hours clinic this morning and brought her to a vet's office in the area. She stayed there most of the day; they biopsied one of her paws, her mouth, the area above her eye, and one of her ears. Labs on that will be back Thursday-ish. They kept her on an IV drip with fluids/nutrition and two different antibiotics all day. They're mostly worried about her not eating right now. Since they don't have staff at the office overnight, she's home for the night, and we'll be taking her back first thing in the morning so they can put her back on the IV and so on.

She was *much* more alert and responsive this morning at the vet's office, to the point of needing to be gently restrained when they took her temp and took the bandage off one of her paws to examine it. (The ER cleaned, debrided, and bandaged her paws.) Her one eye isn't leaking whitish stuff anymore, so that's a good sign. And she was moving around and being fussy about this whole 'poked at' thing, which is much better than the limp, unresisting kitty of Saturday.

We've got her set back up in a room by herself with water, a fresh litterbox (with non-standard litter, so it won't irritate her paws) and two dishes of food, one turkey flavoured wet cat food, the other just plain tuna. I've also got a small thing with the tuna water set in there in case she wants to lick that out. Initial offer was rejected, but I'm not sure how much of that was her being upset at the vet's trip and needing to settle back down before she'd be willing to eat. It's only been 30 minutes at most since she got home. I'll try some plain cooked and shredded chicken later tonight if she hasn't touched what's in the room by then, since chicken is something I know she likes.

I'm feeling pretty wiped, since on top of fretting about the kitty most of the night (and not sleeping much because of it) we also had to go to the walk in clinic at the hospital to renew my blood pressure meds, which was not the easiest on either myself. Once we got into the waiting room, that helped, because it was an area of the hospital that looked different enough from the OBGYN area and the NICU that I was able to calm down somewhat. Louis commented that he'd been in that area of the hospital enough during the time that I was in for it to be making him very . . . uncomfortable.

In any case, Robin *is* doing better, it's just that she's not eating by herself right now. This is a pretty major worry for the vet's office, and for us as well. I'm hoping that it's mostly her feeling under the weather and such, and that she'll start eating once the antibiotics and other stuff has had more of a chance to fight off the Nasty she's dealing with.


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