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Not that I expect the far right wing to pick up brains anytime soon, but if they have any, they'll shut up, sit down, leave the Prop 8 thing the hell alone, and not risk it going to the Supreme Court.

I expect them to be flaming morons however, and push it until it gets there, completely ignorant of the kind of precedent *that* ruling would set. Assuming the Court chooses to hear the case, of course.

Not that I would mind watching as their world comes crumbling down around their ears. Of course, seeing as how so few of them seem to be actually straight in the first place, one would hope that they'll be overjoyed at this ruling.

Sadly, internalized hatred is one of the nastier sorts.

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Date: 2010-08-05 01:39 pm (UTC)
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The John Roberts court, if he has his druthers, will decline to hear the case unless Chief Justice Roberts can figure out a justification to reverse the decision. He does not want precedent to be set for the whole country out of this case when right now it only affects California. He is in damage control mode. If he has figured out such a way then I expect him to allow the case to jump straight to the Supreme Court without hitting the 9th Circuit as he does not want precedent to be set for the entire 9th Circuit. I do not see him changing his mind and letting the law reign supreme over his reactions to it.


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