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This is based around my shaman in WoW. Anyone familiar with the actual lore of WoW will be able to spot where I've changed and added to the shamanistic and orcish heritage/culture. This is why I don't RP much in the game itself; there are far too many people who would get very cranky at me for these changes.

Rusalka settled herself into a comfortable sitting position and studied the drum in her lap one last time, making sure there were no flaws. Bone and hide, she had killed and skinned the kodo herself, thanking the beast for its gift. Most of the animal had gone into the stores back at Camp Taurajo, but as the shu'halo shamans had done for countless generations, she had kept enough to make this drum. Now she sat facing north in a slight dip on the flowing plains of Mulgore, with a broad cliff face rising up behind her, and a bad case of nerves.

Slowly the young orc took in a deep breath and let it out again, counting to eight on the inhale and the exhale. Reaching down to her belt, she unknotted the tie that held the waterskin she'd been given. Lifting it to her mouth, she drained the ritual brew, and tasted the deep notes of moss and sage. She let her eyes fall closed and remembered the voice of the tauren shaman she'd been sent to train with.

"Feel the earth beneath your feet, child. Feel its strength. Let your mind flow downwards and into the ground, like deep roots. Let the Earth Mother into your mind and heart, into your soul."

Calmer now, she began to beat the drum in slow, measured rhythm. She inhaled again and smelled the slightest hint of frost on the wind; the beginning hint of the mild chill that was what these lands called winter. The sweet scent of the hardy grass that grew on these plains filled her nose, and beneath it, the deep rich earth that it grew in. A deep sense of peace settled over her.

Opening her eyes she looked out at the plains that stretched out before her. She felt the cliff at her back and the solid ground beneath her. Strength flowed through her body and she felt power thrumming with each beat of her drum. She felt the acceptance and welcome of the earth resonate in her heart and took its calm patience and deep strength into her soul.

Hours later, she finally rose from her communion. A familiar figure was standing a few hundred feet away, and a broad smile was on her teacher's face as he welcomed her to his side as a shaman.
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