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Been in hospital since Wednesday morning. Preeclampsia confirmed; starting to show beginning signs of HELLP. Still doing good enough to keep baby in me, but not sure how much longer that will be for.

Holding it together; barely. Got two steroid shots for baby; been 48 hours, so full effect will have hit. Right now, I can't do much except stay in bed, go to the bathroom, and get one short shower a day.

Don't know when the C-section will be. Likely to be days at this point instead of weeks. Praying that Amber will be big enough that they can fit the breathing tube in her by then.

Typing hard with all this stuff on me. Will post more later, hope with good news.
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Blood sugar normal, no gestational diabetes! Blood pressure is still bouncing around enough to make them uncomfortable, so they're altering my meds again. Everything else is going great, though.

Doc did the 'check the baby's heartbeat' sonogram, and she kicked at the probe about 10 seconds after he tracked her down. -grins- That's our kid, alright.
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Well, we made it home. This is the important thing. However, the car has suffered some sort of Major Transmission issues. She got us home, so the trans didn't flat out die but she won't go into any other gear than third right now. The stick itself is floppy in some directions and refuses to move at all in others. Louis says that the fact the car is still driving is a Good Sign.

If we're lucky, it's 'just' a loose cable or something like that on the stick itself. Otherwise, this will be a repair that we can't do by ourself, cost-wise. What's far more likely, considering other things, is that we've got broken or jammed gear teeth. -sighs-

So, if we're actually lucky, Louis' dad's extra car will only have a dead battery so we can borrow that. Or we will suddenly come into lots of extra money.
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Fasting blood sugar thingie of 84.

It's been long enough since I had to do this kind of thing that I can't remember if that's high, low, or normal-ish.

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Baby bump is still not really visible under clothing, unless you know my body *really* well and are actively looking for it. Louis says this is likely because I have always favoured loose clothing, so my standard wardrobe (or at least those parts that still fit) hides the bump pretty well.

Undressed, he and I can both see the bump much better. Still probably looks like an overweight mouse to those that don't know my body shape all that well, but I think that folks that know what to look for regarding pregnancy could guess. Very 'classic' shape starting to develop, with the swell starting somewhere in between the space below my breasts and above my navel. Tummy is definitely rounding out, and my belly button is steadily moving from an 'innie' to an 'outie'

Lower body also just plain *feels* heavier. Our best guess (since the last pre-pregnancy weight we have for me is 2 years out of date; scales are something I tend to avoid because I am well aware of my body image issues and reactions to weighing myself; see also: when one weighs oneself 7 times in a *day*, one realizes that one really ought to back off just a bit) is that I've gained about 11-ish pounds since conception. I think that's on target, though Louis has been concerned that I haven't been eating enough lately.

Mostly doing good though.
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. . . never read the comments on Yahoo news articles!

I'm going to crawl into bed now and hide in a nest made of my pregnancy pillow, blankets, and Louis. Someone wake me when this country is capable of reasoned debate.
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Okay, since we are at month 5 here, time to trot out that mainstay of the expecting parent(s): Baby Registry!

Right-o, we have ourselves listed at these two places right now:

In theory, we also have a Target registry, but I can't seem to get the website to agree with me on its existence, so -shrug-.

I'm not listing every blanket or set of clothes out there, because that would get things a touch crowded. Same for diapers and wipes and such. I kinda figure those are assumed, y'know? If you want to send us something and need an address, please e-mail requests to: louisadkins at gmail dot com. He checks his e-mail more frequently than I do. -coughs-

As an aside, the ultrasound tech yesterday said she thinks it's a girl. So far, we are thinking of the name Amber Rose Meredith Adkins. <.< >.> Yes, it's long, but part of our 'name test' was yelling the names to see how they sounded if we had to, say, yell them out the door to summon an erring child. Those extra syllables really pack a punch.

-mumbles- Besides, I like it and think it sounds nice and flows well.

Edited to add As an aside, there are plushies and baby books on those lists. Those are 'nice, and would be fun, but not most needed' type of things. -mutters about Babies'R'Us not having a way to rate what stuff you want/need more-
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Okay, I seriously just laughed my ass off at this.

The only downside is that I still cling to a few My Little Ponies, one of which is very much teh sparkle.
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Slowly starting to get the hang of this 'not worrying and stressing' thing. Had a bit of a spazz out over the weekend, when I realized that I was actually having trouble dealing with the stress of not worrying all the time. This . . . this is, I think, the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I do not have a good way of explaining just how much I worry, and fret, and generally stress over things. Even I hadn't realized that it had gotten to the point of background noise.

I also seem to have finally kicked cola. I was down to like a 4 ounce glass a day before the hospital, had about 2 ounces worth the day after I got out, to stave off the headache, and haven't had any since. Been more tired than normal, but I suspect that's part of the caffeine and sugar leaving my system. No real headaches to speak of so far. -knocks on wood- Hope that means the 'slow cutback' system worked as far as avoiding the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.

Appointment at the high risk clinic next week. Gonna see if I can talk them out of the 6 hour fasting, take this glucose, don't eat for 3 hours, let us draw your blood 4 times test. The 1 hour test in the hospital was bad enough. As in, knocked me nearly totally unresponsive with a horrid headache. Louis says my skin went all blotchy. There's got to be a better way to test my blood sugar. Preferably one that doesn't cause my body that much stress. It's not like I've forgotten how to test my blood or pee in a cup, y'know.

-sigh- That may sound like whining, but gods, I reacted really poorly to the short test. I'm supposed to be eating small meals every 2-3 hours and avoiding much in the way of sugars. If they do not absolutely *need* to fuck with my blood sugar like this, they can lay off. I mean wow, big surprise, the lady who told you she has blood sugar issues popped positive on a blood sugar test after you loaded her down with glucose.

-thud- It is entirely possible that this is annoyance due to having settled into a diet that handles my sugars already. It is also entirely possible that I feel that doing things that make my body react like that is Not A Good Idea.

See? Worrying. Grrrr.
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Ultrasound pictures!

Not that it's the easiest to make out the kidlet in all of those, heh.


Mar. 13th, 2010 02:58 pm
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What do folks think of yoga, since I'm considering it as both gentle exercise *and* a way to de-stress?

(And ye gods and little illithids, hospital stays are *draining*.)
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My glorious adventures in the hospital are summed up here.

Baby is fine, and *incredibly* active, even at this early stage. As in, anytime they did a sonogram, they had to chase the kid down with the wand. They'd get flashes of baby heartbeat, and then the kid would scoot. Got plenty of sounds of moving baby, though.

I went all snuffly and crying when I heard the heartbeat for the first time, and when I saw the pics when they did the first ultrasound. (I'm gonna have Louis upload those pics, since LJ's picture function Does Not Like me.) My hindbrain has finally realized that there really is a little person in there.

-snuffles some more-

Also, the stuff they make you drink for the gestational diabetes test is utterly horrid.

(Yes, I am officially 'taking it easy'. Better known as 'wheelchair while shopping, and lots of time in my computer chair with my feet up on my desk, and Louis being very protective'.)
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Happiness is having little homemade greenhouses on a window shelf, filled with tomato and broccoli seeds. Further happiness is having most of the materials on hand to fence in (including fence *over*) a nicely sized section alongside the driveway for garden space. And anticipation is having the plans for a do-it-yourself Earthbox and figuring out what you're going to plant to start off the garden this year.

That would be 5 boxes, just for the record. 6 plants each.

Broccoli/peas (3 each)
Spaghetti Squash/Straightneck Squash/Butternut Squash (2 each)

Next year, more boxes will be added. And so on and so forth.

The test plantings last year worked out quite nicely . . . except for the neighbour with goats that refused to stay fenced in, which is why I had no raspberries or cantaloupe. Peas went wild, though.

Oh, and for them's that are interested, the first link below is to the mini-greenhouses, the second is to the DIY Earthbox that we'll be testing out this year.
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Having read through several horror stories of women who were *horribly* mistreated by their doctors while in labour . . .

Yeeeeeeah, I'm looking into local midwives, thankyouverymuch. I might not care for some of the overt fluffiness, but right now, I'll take the assurances that I won't have procedures I don't actually need rammed down my throat on pain of loosing custody of my baby if I don't comply.

And yes, there is at least one woman who had her child taken away because she refused to blanket consent to a c-section when there was no sign whatsoever that she would even *need* one.

I'm gonna go hide under my blankets and remind myself that I want children very badly, but fucking hell, I am going to pick out where I give birth *very* carefully indeed. Well, at least as carefully as I can.

This is so not helping the panic attacks.
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Okay, if this was actual nausea, I would know how to deal with it. It's not. Instead, my throat is in a near constant state of 'about to yawn' but I can't get it out, so instead it feels . . . something that I cannot find a word for, but trust me, it isn't a good feeling. It's kinda like having my gag reflex tickled with a feather crossed with a very tight feeling in my throat.

Soooo, of all fucking things, my *throat* is feeling queasy. This leads to choke-gagging, which leads to my stomach suddenly feeling *very* unhappy. So far, the only thing that seems to be helping is actively eating or swallowing something. Just making the movements, without anything in my mouth, doesn't do anything.

This is driving me nuts. I have several things that help with a queasy tummy. I have no clue what to do about this. As it is, I'm sitting here without a shirt on because I cannot handle anything touching my throat. Even having my hair brush it is bad.

I'm beginning to suspect that I'm dealing with an extended mood-swing induced panic attack.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

This one hits on a day where the 'pregnancy scatter-brained effect' is hitting me *really* hard. Soooo, what would on any other day have been a long rant about how creativity and intellect ARE NOT FUCKING INCOMPATIBLE, AND FUCK YOU FOR SAYING I SHOULD HAVE TO CHOOSE will instead boil down to:

Bloody fucking hell, fuck off. I want my ability to think clearly back, and I want it back NOW. And don't think that I can just loose myself in a creative project now that I'm having trouble thinking, oh no no. See, without my intellect all here, I have massive trouble with my creative projects. I have trouble piecing things together, making designs, loosing myself in the act of just *making something pretty*.

I think this might be the scariest part of pregnancy so far, for me. This feeling of at lest partial loss of control over the inside of my own head. Yesterday I was discussing philosophy with Louis; today I'll consider myself lucky if I can concentrate on a game of solitaire. No, no, I'll keep my brain, thankyouverymuch.

After all, while I may never be a world-class dancer, I can always at least pick up some basic moves and have fun.
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Potential icky body TMI behind the cut.

Read more... )
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I just got off the phone with my mom.

My family, through my dad's work, has always been close to UAH's science department, especially the biology department. Dad borrows equipment and works with folks there all the time. I think he even taught a class there one semester. These are people that I grew up meeting, since my family held BBQ parties and the like on a regular basis. We would also hold Thanksgiving dinners for those who couldn't get to their families that year, or who were from other countries and felt somewhat at a loss around the holiday.

I might not know all their names, but I know most of the faces.

So, hearing that there was a shooting at a faculty meeting, and that 3 are dead and 3 injured . . . it hits home. It hits home *hard*. It hurts even more to hear that everyone in that room had children.

-goes and lights a candle-
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Still here, just trying to get something of a handle on my emotional state. As in, I found myself in near panic attack status when we got a notice from the local library that we owed $3 on an overdue book.

Mind you, having worked in a library before, this reaction is not entirely without precedent. -coughs-
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Step 1: Whole wheat pita (with flax seed for added bonus!), dollop of mayo, several slices of roast beef, lettuce, and some tomato slices.


Step 2: Figuring out how to get the nutrition and calories per day that I need when my stomach feels like it's being squished. Fun-filled fact of the day: This month, my uterus goes from the size of a fist to the size of a large grapefruit. This would explain why my lower abdomen is starting to feel somewhat crowded.

Step 3: Not buying everything in produce. There were some absolutely *gorgeous* looking squash in there today, but there is no way in hell we'd be able to fit those big boys into our fridge or freezer right now. (Seriously, those things were freakin' huge.)

Step 4: Patience. Just because I want canteloupe, apples, oranges, cucumber, artichoke, 3 different kinds of squash, strawberries, peaches, advocado, green beans, broccoli, and mangoes right NOW does *not* mean that we can either afford to buy them all right now or that I would indeed be able to eat it all before things started going wilty.

Step 5: Realizing that this is my little corner of LJ, and that I need to not fret that people will get grumbly about me turning into a pregnancy blog for the next 8 months.


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