May. 22nd, 2011

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Kitty is currently in animal hospital. Negative for feline leukemia and FIV. Likely diagnosis: Auto-immune disorder, which made me thump my head into the wall a few times. (My mom has an auto-immune disorder, and since they've determined that preeclampsia is an auto-immune disorder, I have one as well. Now one of our freakin' *cats* has one.) They have her started on antibiotics and an IV for hydration/nutrition. They're also going to debride/clean/bandage her paws. The vet also mentioned getting her started on steroids.

What was in the PayPal account (thankyouthankyouthankyou) covered the initial exam and checking her into the hospital. The stay will cost about $600 more, and they're only keeping her until 8 AM Monday because they're an after-hours clinic ONLY. If they think she needs to go into another animal hospital, they'll tell us and give us a list of ones in the area. Which will be money above this visit. And just to top it off, they're not going to release the kitty to us without payment in full. On the plus side, they're pretty sure this will be fairly easily treated/kept under control in the future. It's just the emergency hospital stay that's the expensive part.

Erm. So, that's the update on the kitteh. Feel free to link this/cross-post/signal boost in whatever fashion you wish. And, I really wish I could find pictures of Robin in good health. As it is, this is what she looked like when we last saw her: I'm hoping to update those with pictures of her being her usual adorable and loving self. Right now, I'd even be happy with her habit of deciding that sexy-times is the exact time when kitties need pettings.

And while we're on the subject, I would have been very happy to *avoid* being in a hospital this month. Even the animal ER had some of the same scents, and the whole thing about having a small, helpless member of the family being hooked up to tubes . . . yeah, I may not have flashbacks in the sense that most people think of them, but my emotional state last night was not very good.


omimouse: Digital painting of a mouse wielding a spear (Default)

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