Mar. 31st, 2010

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Okay, since we are at month 5 here, time to trot out that mainstay of the expecting parent(s): Baby Registry!

Right-o, we have ourselves listed at these two places right now:

In theory, we also have a Target registry, but I can't seem to get the website to agree with me on its existence, so -shrug-.

I'm not listing every blanket or set of clothes out there, because that would get things a touch crowded. Same for diapers and wipes and such. I kinda figure those are assumed, y'know? If you want to send us something and need an address, please e-mail requests to: louisadkins at gmail dot com. He checks his e-mail more frequently than I do. -coughs-

As an aside, the ultrasound tech yesterday said she thinks it's a girl. So far, we are thinking of the name Amber Rose Meredith Adkins. <.< >.> Yes, it's long, but part of our 'name test' was yelling the names to see how they sounded if we had to, say, yell them out the door to summon an erring child. Those extra syllables really pack a punch.

-mumbles- Besides, I like it and think it sounds nice and flows well.

Edited to add As an aside, there are plushies and baby books on those lists. Those are 'nice, and would be fun, but not most needed' type of things. -mutters about Babies'R'Us not having a way to rate what stuff you want/need more-


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