Mar. 16th, 2010

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Slowly starting to get the hang of this 'not worrying and stressing' thing. Had a bit of a spazz out over the weekend, when I realized that I was actually having trouble dealing with the stress of not worrying all the time. This . . . this is, I think, the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I do not have a good way of explaining just how much I worry, and fret, and generally stress over things. Even I hadn't realized that it had gotten to the point of background noise.

I also seem to have finally kicked cola. I was down to like a 4 ounce glass a day before the hospital, had about 2 ounces worth the day after I got out, to stave off the headache, and haven't had any since. Been more tired than normal, but I suspect that's part of the caffeine and sugar leaving my system. No real headaches to speak of so far. -knocks on wood- Hope that means the 'slow cutback' system worked as far as avoiding the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.

Appointment at the high risk clinic next week. Gonna see if I can talk them out of the 6 hour fasting, take this glucose, don't eat for 3 hours, let us draw your blood 4 times test. The 1 hour test in the hospital was bad enough. As in, knocked me nearly totally unresponsive with a horrid headache. Louis says my skin went all blotchy. There's got to be a better way to test my blood sugar. Preferably one that doesn't cause my body that much stress. It's not like I've forgotten how to test my blood or pee in a cup, y'know.

-sigh- That may sound like whining, but gods, I reacted really poorly to the short test. I'm supposed to be eating small meals every 2-3 hours and avoiding much in the way of sugars. If they do not absolutely *need* to fuck with my blood sugar like this, they can lay off. I mean wow, big surprise, the lady who told you she has blood sugar issues popped positive on a blood sugar test after you loaded her down with glucose.

-thud- It is entirely possible that this is annoyance due to having settled into a diet that handles my sugars already. It is also entirely possible that I feel that doing things that make my body react like that is Not A Good Idea.

See? Worrying. Grrrr.


omimouse: Digital painting of a mouse wielding a spear (Default)

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